CARTOONING UKRAINE is a sad sequel to CARTOONING SYRIA which featured Syrian Cartoons.
Syrian cartoonist Mwafaq Katt characterizes the qualities of a cartoonist: ‘by drawing a few simple lines, you can summarise a certain case, mock a situation or expose lies.’
The cartoons of these Ukrainian artists are not just simple lines, they are the professional artistic expression of their anger and grief about the catastrophe of this cruel and unnecessary war. And they see their cartoons as a way of supporting their fellow citizens and soldiers defending a free Ukraine.

NB: The texts in the book are in the English language. De teksten in het boek zijn in het Engels.

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Ronald Bos, Andrey Kurkov, Andryi Petrenko and others


Kleurendruk, Geïllustreerd, Paperback


14 x 19 cm, 80 pagina's